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The Global Diabetes Research Center (GDRC) is a unique collaboration between Emory University in Atlanta, USA and the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF), in Chennai, India. GDRC was established as an inter-disciplinary, cross-cultural hub for epidemiological research of diabetes and its complications in India and South Asia. GDRC is housed in MDRF’s state of the art research facility in Siruseri, a research and technology satellite city near Chennai. More...

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7th MDRF–UAB NATIONAL Seminar on
Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases
GDRC receives grant from BRiDGES-IDF for diabetes intervention study…
Madras Diabetes Research Foundation and Emory University inaugurate new Global Diabetes Research Center in Siruseri…
Emory University’s Global Health Institute announces funding for new Global Diabetes and Research Center in Chennai…
  Diabetes: The 21st century epidemic

The pandemic of type 2 diabetes is, inevitably, at the cross-roads of globalization and aging, and is intricately linked to contemporary lifestyles (e.g., inactivity, sedentary behaviors, dietary factors, urban stress). The disease is inter-related with all vascular risk factors (e.g., high blood pressure, abnormal lipids, obesity /adiposity, thrombogenesis, oxidative stresses, inflammation), and results in substantial morbidity, disability, loss of quality and quantity of life, and economic burden worldwide.


There are about 200 million people with diabetes worldwide, and by 2025, this number is projected to increase to at least 333 million, including approximately 80 million in India and 35 million in the
US. The lifetime risk of diabetes in the US is 1 in 3, and a person diagnosed with diabetes at age 40, for example, can expect to live between 11 and 14 years less than he or she otherwise would have. The disease costs $132 billion annually      
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