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Emory University is internationally recognized as an inquiry-driven, ethically engaged, and diverse community whose members work collaboratively for positive transformation in the world through courageous leadership in teaching, research, scholarship, health care and social action. Emory students have the rare opportunity to learn from faculty luminaries such as former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, novelist Salman Rushdie, and the Dalai Lama, and from the more than 3,000 world-class resident faculty members who are the heart of academic life at the University. Emory’s faculty members are groundbreaking researchers who contribute new knowledge to the advancement of humanity.

Emory's future is being guided by an ambitious strategic plan, "Where Courageous Inquiry Leads." Within this plan, the University has committed its unique combination of resources to address some of the world's toughest challenges and greatest opportunities—from global health and new understandings of what makes us human, to religion, conflict, and peace building, to race and social difference, to issues of. Implementation of Emory's strategic plan will transform its campus and positively influence local and global communities.

Rollins School of Public Health

At the Rollins School of Public Health (RSPH), more than 900 students learn to identify, analyze, and intervene in today's most pressing public health issues. The school's location in Atlanta, referred to as the "Public Health Capital of the World," also is home to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; CARE; the national home office of the American Cancer Society; The Carter Center; Task Force for Child Survival and Development; the Arthritis Foundation; numerous state and regional health agencies; and the patient care, teaching, and health-related research programs of Emory University's Woodruff Health Sciences Center. This setting is ideal for hands-on research by students and more than 160 full-time, doctoral-level faculty members; collaborations with the world's leading public health agencies; and interdisciplinary work with national and international organizations.

Emory Global Health Institute

Emory’s Global Health Institute builds upon Emory’s existing strengths in global health and creates new partnerships with governments and institutions in the neediest part of the world. The institute brings health sciences faculty together with scholars in anthropology, political science, theology, and other disciplines in an effort to address the broad range of factors that affect health and well-being, including human rights, conflict, politics, economic development, and education.




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